Large Body Protection Police Dog Training Bite Suit Jacket Paint K-9 Schutzhund Review

Large Body Protection Police Dog Training Bite Suit Jacket Paint K-9 Schutzhund

This is a Standard Size. It will fit a person from size 5 feet 8 inch to 6 feet 4 inches.It has a lot of adjustments.

Hilason, specializing in only “UNIQUE PRODUCTS”, evolved with its own bite suit after pressing needs by our loyal customers in the dog-training industry. There was a need for suit that was flexible, light, durable, bite-capable, comfortable and protective. Hilason was able to satisfy all of these needs with its own invention locally in Texas, USA.

Hilason Bite Suit have set an industry standard in the dog training world. It is known for its mobility and comfort, in addition to its protection. Our suits are tested for every little detail that needs attention according to its usage. It is tested for its components at every step until its completion to a finished bite suit.

Hilason Bite Suit is made of Very High Quality Materials. Starting from the top, its exterior fabric is a Specially Made Thick Highly Durable French Linen Fabric that that is tightly weaved for extra ordinary durability, tight grip and Bite protection. The base is composed of several layers of Pressed Wool Felt of various thickness. The layers are strategically placed at different positions considering the strength, Protection, flexibility and comfort of the Bite Suit. For example, there is extra padding in the under arm area, across the back, and in the legs. The interior is a slippery polyester material for easy wear and removal.

These bite suits are perfect for Ring sport or maintaining your trained dogs. It may also be used for medium intensity K-9 training or pre-trained K-9 practice too.

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