Professional Launch Ramp Review

Professional Launch Ramp

Classic, simple and perfect for any skill level, the Launch Ramp is arguably the most fun type of ramp in existence. Our Professional Launch Ramp is no exception. Putting the fun in functional, we added something new to make the ramp even more stable and skate-able. A banked back allows for a centered stance, as well as the potential to Wallie off of the backside. With just the right amount of kick, this thing can give you the boost you need to catch serious air. We also know our way around a BMX bike, so we designed it to be long enough to work well with a standard BMX wheelbase, along with anything you might want to take off of this thing. The perfect ramp for a beginner or a seasoned shredder, our Professional Launch Ramp reminds us of what skating is all about: fun.

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